Mossman Botanic Garden Inc. is currently managed by a locally based non-profit organisation. The MBG also has a trading name Botanic Garden Mossman.

Building off the foundation master plan for the Garden, over the year ahead we will be working with the Board, members and external stakeholders to complete the Garden planning, governance, and management, operational and financial arrangements to secure the initial capital funds to commence construction of the Garden.

At this time, the Management Committee comprises of:

  • Simon Towle - Chair (James Cook University)
  • Roy Weavers - Vice Chair (owner Mossman Print)
  • Peter McKeown - Treasurer (owner Temptations Cafe)
  • John Sullivan (owner Hortulus Landscapes)
  • Tony Woodall (owner Shannonvale Tropical Winery)
  • Darryn Crayn (Australian Tropical Herbarium)
  • Antoinette Brandi (local procurement specialist).

As the Garden evolves there will be Board changes that cater for a broad range of professional skill sets and fund raising capacities. MBG in heading towards a fully funded world class attraction that will bring destination travellers from around the world. It remains, however, a garden that belongs to the community.

Annual Report

On 22 September at our Annual General Meeting, the Board of the Mossman Botanic Garden released our 2020 Annual Report.  To download the report click HERE.