MBG holds its 2020 Annual General Meeting

On Tuesday 22 September, the Board of the Mossman Botanic Gardens held its 2020 Annual General Meeting.  At the meeting, our Chair John Sullivan provided an overview of the highlights of the year, advising that the financial year ending 30 June 2020, has been one of quiet but consistent preparation and development behind the scenes, including:

  • during the year, the board of directors and management have strengthened governance, management, risk planning and quality assurance including successfully completing the transition from an incorporated association under Queensland law to a company limited by guarantee under Commonwealth law
  • secured forward commitments of nearly $1 million in funding and cemented strategic relationships with the Australian Tropical Herbarium, Jabalbina Yalanji Aboriginal Land Corporation and Douglas Shire Council.

Mr Sullivan took the opportunity to thank all our members, donors and financers for their financial commitment to the vision, especially our largest donor the Calvert-Jones Family and the John and Janet Calvert Jones Foundation and advised that we are delighted by our members commitment to the Mossman Botanic Garden and welcomes their continued engagement in the on-going development of the Garden itself.