Why Mossman?

  • Mossman is part of the Douglas Region which is surrounded by The Great Barrier Reef and Wet Tropics World Heritage areas
  • Excellent location close to Cairns International Airport, on the Captain Cook Highway and accessible to abundant tourist accommodation
  • Mossman lies adjacent to the Daintree, the world's oldest rainforest (wet tropics world heritage) and offers all essential ingredients for a botanic garden
  • Up to 500,000 people visit the Mossman Gorge or pass through Mossman to visit the Daintree and Cape Tribulation areas annually
  • The Douglas region is already an iconic tourist destination
  • Mossman contains vital infrastructure and a Mossman Botanic Garden will have major positive impacts on the social, economic and environmental needs of the area
  • Strategically positioned near James Cook University, CSIRO and the Australian Tropical Herbarium


What makes The Mossman Botanic Garden Unique

The 20-hectare site owned by the Botanic Garden is located in the town of Mossman which has a population of about 4,000. It is 75 km north of Cairns and 15 km from Port Douglas, both tourist gateways to the Great Barrier Reef. Mossman is situated at the foothills of the Mount Windsor Plateau - an area of exceptionally high plant biodiversity within the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, which is the hydrological source of the Daintree and Mossman River systems. It is close to the Mossman central business district and located on the Captain Cook Highway.  The Mossman Botanic Garden is also:

  • Positioned between two natural world heritage areas- the Wet Tropics Rainforests and the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Showcasing two world heritage nominees - the Wet Tropics Rainforest and The Wet Tropics Indigenous Cultures- represented by the Eastern Kuku Yalanji Bama.
  • A world class Wet Tropics Arboretum representing many of Queensland's special, unique and threatened rainforest plants.
  • Wet Tropics (home to the MBG) has the highest diversity of tree species in all of Australia.
  • An Environmental Stewardship Policy that delivers tangible outcomes in sustainability.
  • A Research Programme that develops propagation and cultural techniques for Queensland's rare and threatened plant species.
  • A world's best Botanic Garden Biosecurity Strategy and Facility to highlight and raise awareness of invasive species.
  • A community delivered Not-For-Profit Incorporated Body (not Government or Business controlled) that is registered with the Australian Taxation Department for Deductible Gift Recipient status.