Current progress

Thanks to support from the Honourable Warren Entsch, the Federal Member for Leichardt, and the Australian Government, the 20 Hectare (50 acres) Mossman Botanic Garden site was purchased with a grant of $1.4M, with funding allocated to site acquisition and masterplan development.

MBG has adopted a portfolio, syndicated approach to investment, quality assurance and risk management whereby commitments of at least $10m from each of the Commonwealth and Queensland Governments are sought, together with more than $10m from the philanthropic sector.

Once commitments totalling $30m are secured funds would be drawn for construction of Stage 1 Garden Construction. MBG would be self-funding through visitor gate takings, memberships subscriptions, global fund-raising activities, corporate sponsorships, participation in international scientific programs and financial contributions from Australian and international philanthropic organisations.

In May 2020, MBG completed a Landcare Grant, which has incorporated a Cultural Heritage Assessment & Botanical Survey of Kubbirri Creek, and some restoration of the site, removing rubbish & planting 1,500 trees. The Cultural Heritage Assessment was undertaken in partnership with Jabalbina Yalanji Aboriginal Corporation, and the botanical work was completed by the Australian Tropical Herbarium.

We are currently working on a three-year Regional Jobs & Investment Package Grant to continue to develop our Strategic Plan and commence landscape works, where we have matched the Australian Government’s $100,000 with a philanthropic donation of $100,000 to invest in the Project. This grant will also see the delivery of the first garden at MBG. Inspired by Artist Delisa Walker it will be called “The Garden of Woven Memories” which will tell of the importance of the Black Palm to the Eastern Kuku Yalanji people, and how their culture is passed down through the generations.

MBG also has an application lodged for an Australian Government Community Development Grant for $500K to provide the design and engineering for the Visitor Centre, Lakes and Wetlands, (Stage 1 Garden Construction) to get us shovel ready. When this grant is complete, it is proposed that with $30M ($10M State, $10M Federal and $10M through philanthropic funding) we can build the Visitor Centre and Wetlands so that we would be able to be self-funding from this point.